Community partnership

With a global quest to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer, GSK's community investment programmes represent a commitment that, as the company builds upon its successes and grows, it will continue to recognize the responsibility of leadership and the strength of partnership.

Through its Community Partnership function, GSK partners with and supports organizations whose goals and objectives reflect its mission of improving the quality of human life.

GSK Consumer Healthcare's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are driven by this spirit of partnership. The organisation works closely with the local community to support and sustain development activities. Focus areas for our Corporate Social Responsibility programmes this year are:

  •     To support the health and education of women and children.
  •     Disease prevention and care of persons with Cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Some of the initiatives taken by us include:

  •     Organising programmes for health and disease prevention for tribal women and children
  •     Making primary, non-formal and remedial education available for children dwelling in slums
  •     Providing free counseling and therapy to women and children suffering from Cancer
  •     Projects with HIV positive women
  •     Organising literacy programmes for underprivileged children
  •     Running therapeutic recreation programmes for persons with HIV/AIDS in rural areas
  •     Providing Horlicks to patients with Cancer/HIV
  •     Supporting mentally challenged/blind children
  •     Setting up bore wells for supplying drinking water to villagers
  •     Community development through providing infrastructure to local police
  •     Providing vocational training to help women become truly self
        sufficient under the community development scheme
  •     Hosting and organizing healthcare and eye care programmes
  •     Providing infrastructure for local village schools