1830 John K Smith & Co founded.
1842 Beecham's Pills business launched.
1910 SK&F adds 'Blue Line' drugs to inventory.
1924 Beecham Estate purchased by Philip Hall.
1938 Beecham acquires Macleans and Lucozade.
1943 Beecham Research laboratories formed.
1959 Beecham discovers penicillin 6APA.
1960 SK&Fs Contac, best selling cold remedies launched.
1976 SmithKline's Tagamet launched.
1981 Beecham's Augmentin introduced.
1986 Beecham adds Tums & Oxy.
1989 Smithkline Beckman and Beecham Group merge.
1994 SB acquires Diversified pharmaceutical Services & Sterling Winthrop.
1996 SB Healthcare Services launched. First co. to launch Rx-to-OTC switches in US within a period of one year.
1997 SB's joint venture with Incyte, diaDexys formed.
1998 SB & WHO collaborate to eliminate lymphatic filariasis.
1999 Avandia approved by the treatment of type II diabetes.
2000 GSK merger.

1958 Hindustan Milkfood Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.
1979 HMM Ltd.
1991 SmithKline Beecham Consumer Brands Ltd.
1994 SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Ltd.
2002 GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.