Developing our people

Ours is a culture of empowerment where every employee is given the opportunity to assume roles of responsibility. We have a well-structured Learning & Development plan in place to provide training inputs for employees across all functions and levels.

At GSK Consumer Healthcare India we value both comprehensive knowledge and specific expertise. Therefore, to attract and retain talented people, we have dedicated programmes to enhance both skill and knowledge. Simultaneously, we focus on developing leadership and coaching skills amongst employees so that they can achieve sustainable high performance and also learn how to motivate team members to do their best.

Learning opportunities

We foster continuous learning among employees in different ways to maintain the competitive edge that drives excellence. In the area of talent management, the Leadership and Human Resources teams focus on identifying and investing in Talent to build a strong Leadership pipeline. We provide a range of resources to help you determine and meet your development needs.

 Career Path 

We lay emphasis on growing our own resources and most opportunities are first offered to internal candidates through internal job postings. Those who are identified as key talent are groomed through our talent management process. We provide a range of resources to help you determine and meet your development needs. 

Performance and Development Planning Process

Our global Performance and Development Planning process (PDP) is there to help our employees at every stage of their career with us. PDP is a powerful tool for matching an employee’s personal success to the success of the business. The employees and their reporting bosses work together on this process to set challenging objectives for them and identify their development needs.

Individual support

At GSK Consumer Healthcare India, we have embraced a comprehensive approach in career development of employees. Our training and development programmes are planned in sync with career progression opportunities and employee performance. We have an inspiring leadership that encourages transparency of approach, and at every stage in your career you will receive open and rational feedback on your performance. We try to prioritise your aspirations and experience when planning out a development plan for you and give you all the support you need to realise your full potential.