Four Delhi Kids' to represent city at "Horlicks Dream Team" National Finals, New Delhi, 4th August, 2004

Four Delhi Kids' to represent city at "Horlicks Dream Team" National Finals
Apeejay School, Noida takes away maximum titles at The Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004

New Delhi, 4 th August, 2004

The Horlicks Dream Team and Horlicks Wiz Kids 2004 held in the city on August 3 rd and 4 th , 2004 proved to be a tremendous success with approximately 10,000 students from 45 schools participating in the interschool event held at Apeejay Auditorium, Noida. The city finals event culminated amidst much excitement where four Delhi students Sameeksha Bali from Apeejay, Noida, Rewan Rai Parti, from Ryan International, Gudgaon, Nishank from Rukmini Devi and Chirag Ahuja from Vivekananda, Delhi emerged as the city winners for the Horlicks Dream Team.

The winners of the Horlicks Dream Team were chosen based on an elaborate evaluation procedure. This included the showcasing of a social responsibility project and a display of their unique individual talents. The four students will now compete with teams from fourteen other cities at the Grand finale event for Horlicks Dream Team, which will take place at Bangalore in September 2004. The Horlicks Dream Team seeks to uncover all round personalities: those whose spirit of enquiry and endeavor drive them to achieve excellence in all walks of life.

The city finals for Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004 activity in New Delhi saw no less enthusiasm. The event elicited great response from students from various schools in individual and team competitions. The Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004 provided an engaging platform for students to participate in diverse fields ranging from Music to sports. Apeejay School bagged the maximum number of competition titles proving to be the overall winner of the event. The winners will get prizes, which will further hone their skills in Dancing, Art and Music. Specialized partners like Ashley Lobo's Dance Workx, Victory Point for Art training and Swar Mandir for music will provided training for these skills.

"The focus of this Horlicks initiative is not on winning but providing each student an opportunity to display their talent and to give them a platform to maximize their potential. The response from school children in Delhi has been overwhelming for both Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004 and Horlicks Dream Team", commented Leanne Cutts, Vice President, Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. "The Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004 and Horlicks Dream Team 2004 event furthers the theme of participation and not competition and has proved to be a huge success at generating confidence in students across the country".

About Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004

Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004 activity is an inter-school program, which will provide school kids with a positive orientation: a platform to participate in a wide variety of learning and fun based activities. This activity will start in Bangalore on July 7, 2004 and will move to a different city every week covering on its way fifteen cities across the country. The activity will be at two different levels- school and city levels where students will gather in an atmosphere of fun, frolick and competition.

The Horlicks Wiz Kids' 2004 is organized by ACTIVITY. ACTIVITY is one of the largest organizations in India working with schools and is committed to provide opportunities beyond academics, for the all round development of students' personality.  

About the Horlicks Dream Team

The Horlicks Dream Team is a unique concept that will culminate in the selection of six spirited "live wire" kids: kids with a positive orientation who are driven towards achievement in varied fields. The dream team activity will thus provide children a platform to display their all round talents. The selection process for the Horlicks Dream Team will be done in three stages - school, city and the national level. At the School level, two students from each school will be short listed on the basis of General Knowledge, Emotional Quotient and Value Ethics test that will be conducted at two levels - i) 5-7 grades and ii) 8-12 grades.

The finalists will compete at the City Finals where they will showcase a social responsibility project along with a display of their unique talents and general awareness. Four students from each city will go for the National Finals. At the National Finals, 56 finalists from across the country will be imparted training in a host of areas by celebrity trainers to bring alive the concept of dynamic development. An elite panel of judges will judge the final team on several parameters.

About Horlicks

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