Horlicks Kesar Badam ka Shahi Nazrana

Horlicks Kesar Badam ka ‘Shahi Nazrana’

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The glass that mummy loves is not necessarily the one kids love. Horlicks, which increases doodh ki shakti also makes it tastier and yummier for children to empty their glass of milk.

Here is a sneak peek into the new TVC launching the all new Horlicks Kesar Badam Meet our protagonist Chhote sultan, a brave heart who stands his ground with the toughest warriors, but enter mom with milk, takes to his heels. Sadly, even when she catches up with him, the glass of milk remains unfinished.

Heeding the queen mother’s cry for help to make her son finish his milk, solutions pour in from the farthest corners of the country. From one exotic land comes kesar and another exotic country offers up its treasure of badaam. This delicious mix of royal ingredients is what has inspired the creation of Horlicks Kesar Badam.

Kesar, the exotic spice makes the milk enticing and badaam makes it tempting. Now milk is not only fortified with Horlicks but the Kesar and Badam also make it yummy.

The TVC ends with Chhote Sultan slurping milk from the glass, looking content and happy. And as the Chote Sultan turns into today’s kid, the storyteller quips: “Toh Bhaiya, kal ho ya aaj, ab doodh ka glass, always khallas!” (Be it yesterday or today, now your glass of milk will always be finished off)

For a mother, the glass of milk is the most nutritious ‘meal’ for her kid. It is a source of calcium that is important for growing bones and teeth and also has good protein. However for kids, drinking milk is a never-ending regime that have to follow. This tussle between the mother and child helped open a up whole new channel of communication with both mom and kid. Result: Some memorable advertising for new flavour launches.

By launching ‘The More Chocolaty Horlicks’ two years back and ‘Horlicks Kesar Badaam’ today, Horlicks bridged the gap between mom and kid when it comes to a glass of milk. Beginning with ‘Jo history main kabhi nahi hua’ to the latest “kal ho ya aaj, doodh ka glass always khallas”, the flavour campaigns empathise with both kids and moms. We want kids to feel we have made the milk delicious and mothers to feel they have an ally in Horlicks to help kids finish their glass of milk.

Don’t forget to watch the Holricks Kesar Badaam commercial to see how we please both mom and kid.

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