GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare celebrates Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) week

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare celebrates Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) week


For GSK Consumer Healthcare, the Inclusion & Diversity agenda is a critical component of embedding our people and performance culture in the organization. Over the last few years, we have made strong strides in gender diversity, wherein we increased the proportion of women in our leadership team to 20% and appointed the first women sales manager, sales trainee and site leadership member. Our intent now is to broaden the conversation and emphasize our commitment to build an inclusive culture that values diversity not just in gender but in many other areas.


To drive home that commitment, we will conduct an Inclusion & Diversity week to commemorate International Women’s Day. This will include a holistic set of events across locations under the umbrella of “#StrongInsideWinOutside” and are designed to help our employees seek, value and draw on the differing knowledge, perspectives, experiences and styles resident in our community.


  • In the Head Office-
  1. We will leverage the impact of “improv” theatre where a play titled “Let’s Not Talk About It” by Sideways will bring focus on various themes related to diversity and biases
  2. This will be followed by a talk by Sairee Chahal, co-founder of Sheroes, where she will address gender stereotypes & the future of work, through her personal stories
  3. We will also conduct a workshop titled “Bicycle Parenting: Parenting in the 21st Century” by Beyond Motherhood, that seeks to address parenting challenges faced by working parents
  4. Our women’s employees will also get trained on self-defense techniques through a workshop on “Self Defense” by Invictus, following which we will also distribute “safety kits” to all our women employees


  • In addition to this, all other parts of the organization are also organizing relevant events
  1. The Supply Chain team will host a career themed week for their women’s network
  2. The women employees in the R&D teams will be interacting with senior women leaders in the organization, who will share their personal stories with them.
  3. For colleagues in the Regional Sales Offices, there will be small celebrations for Women’s Day, plus communication & brainstorming sessions that the business leaders will host with all their employees


As a further commitment to our objective of valuing diversity, we are re-launching our Parenting policies with many progressive changes - Maternity Leave has now been extended to 6 months from the current 3 months and Paternity Leave extended to 14 days from the current 7 Days. We have also introduced Adoption Leave for not just women, but also single men, which allows our employees to take 6 months leave for a child under 3 months of age.


Sharing her views, Ongmu Gombu, Executive Vice-President HR (ISC), GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “We are delighted to launch the Inclusion & Diversity Week on the occasion of International Women’s Day. These events, along with our new parenting policies, are a strong step forward towards our objective of enhancing individual empowerment and increasing trust through the creation of an inclusive environment that mirrors our community”



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