Sensodyne Herbal Multi Care


Sensitivity relief and daily multi care with extracts of Eucalyptus and Fennel


New Delhi – 28th February, 2019: GSK Consumer Healthcare introduces Sensodyne Herbal Multi Care, a new toothpaste with extracts of Eucalyptus and Fennel specially formulated to provide sensitivity relief along with daily multi care benefits. Eucalyptus is traditionally known for cleansing and purifying properties and fennel is known for its breath freshening properties.                       

Sensodyne Herbal Multi Care provides sensitivity relief and lasting sensitivity protection with twice daily brushing. In addition, it also provides benefits of a regular toothpaste such as tooth cavity protection, plaque removal, strengthening of teeth and leaves your whole mouth feeling fresh.

The active ingredient in the newly launched Sensodyne Herbal Multi Care is clinically proven to deliver 24-hour sensitivity protection with twice daily brushing. It is for every person above 12 years of age who wants to relieve tooth sensitivity, prevent tooth decay, protect gum health and have fresh breath.

Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Director, Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “Keeping in mind, the consumers need for a daily toothpaste with multi care benefits, GSK Consumer Healthcare is excited to launch Sensodyne Herbal Multi Care. This toothpaste is specially designed for those consumers who suffer from sensitivity, but are moving to herbal offerings due to their belief in natural ingredients. This newly launched toothpaste has the extracts from nature and is proven by science, offering multi-care benefits along with senstivity relief.

Core benefit of sensitivity: Sensodyne is the world’s no.1 toothpaste for Dentine Hyper Sensitivity (DHS) and is the fastest growing Oral Care Brand from GSK Consumer Healthcare. Known for its strong sensitivity credentials, Sensodyne was launched with a claim to provide 24x7 sensitivity protection*. In a short span of time since its launch in india in 2011,  Sensodyne has outperformed to become the market leader. Keeping a steady pace of innovations, the brand has launched various variants to cater to new consumer demands and needs. 

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GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd is the category leader in India n health food drinks industry. Our flagship product Horlicks leads the market, while Boost is among the top three health food drink brands that India prefers. Our manufacturing plants are located in Nabha, Rajahmundry and Sonepat. In India, we have an engaged workforce of over 4700 employees. GSK also markets and distributes a range of everyday health products such as Eno, Crocin, Iodex and Sensodyne. Our marketing and distribution network comprises over 700 distributors and a direct coverage of over 8 lakh retail outlets. 

GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd is an associate of GlaxoSmithKline plc. of U.K, one of world’s largest consumer healthcare companies. We have a heritage that goes back over 160 years. Our purpose is to help more people around the world to do more, feel better and live longer with everyday healthcare products.  Our goal is to build a global, growing business - we call a Fast Moving Consumer Healthcare (FMCH) company - dedicated to everyday healthcare with all of the scientific expertise and quality guarantees that demands, working at the speed and with the genuine consumer understanding the modern world expects. 

GSK Consumer Healthcare globally owns some of the world’s best loved healthcare brands, successful in over 100 countries. These include Sensodyne, Voltaren, Theraflu, Paradontax, Panadol, Polident, Otrivin, Horlicks and Physiogel


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