Boost is India’s leading malt-based food drink in chocolate flavour. It was developed by company’s R&D team in 1974 and launched in 1975-76. Currently it’s the third biggest health food drink in India and enjoys a market share of 11.5.

Boost is the first Malt Based Drink in India to use celebrity endorsement to convey its energy proposition and has successfully differentiated from other brands. It had been endorsed by India’s most famous cricket stars, particularly those which have a huge following among children like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Virendar Sehwag and now M S Dhoni and Virat Kohli.

The brand has been popular among kids in its core markets for its delicious chocolaty taste. Not only Boost has strong taste equity amongst the consumers but also has got relevant science credentials as well to drive conviction on health benefits of the drink. Boost has been differentiated of its energy proposition since its early years. In 2009, Boost launched its strongest ever, scientifically proven claim, of increasing stamina by 3 times driving up the nutritional credentials of the brand. The brand further strengthened its strong science credentials through the claim of delivering 3 times more stamina+ in a span of just 120 days++.

Boost continues to deliver on its promise of providing ‘tasty nutrition’ through launch of multiple flavours. Boost launched ‘Chocoeclairs’ flavour with an enhanced ‘chocolaty taste’ and ‘Choconut’ flavour to dial up the ‘nutty’ taste. Boost also launched its nutrition in form of biscuits knows as ‘Boost bites’ which are hugely popular in its core markets.

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+Based on an independent study conducted in 2009 (J.Nutr.141:2017-2023,2011), the no. of shuttles completed by BOOST consuming children increased by 25% as compared to 8% increase in children who consumed non-fortified chocolate beverage, in a 20-m shuttle test measuring whole body endurance. Boost is a nourishing beverage to be consumed as a part of your daily diet and exercise plan. ++ Recommended serve=40g (In 2 serves of 20g each).