Iodex is an iconic, trusted brand for close to 100 years. Generations of Indians have grown up with Iodex and many would still recall how Iodex has helped them get relief from pain anywhere in the body such as neck/shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain, sprain, etc.

Memories of reckless falls and injuries, the sticky black balm in the jar, and the get-going punch line – ‘Iodex maliye, kaam pe chaliye’ – are some memorable and iconic identities that still get fondly associated with Iodex.

While a strong presence for close to 100 years has established Iodex as a heritage brand, it has reinvented itself with changing times, as a product and as a lifestyle choice as well.

Currently there are many brands in the topical pain relief category, offering consumers either traditional balms or modern products like gels and sprays. However, Iodex with Iodex Ultra Gel, covers both ends of the spectrum. Iodex has kept itself modern, updated and aspirational, while still holding on strongly to the heritage of trust that it has garnered over the years.

Did you know, there is a difference between headache & pain in other parts of the body?

Unlike headache, pain in other parts of the body is caused due to muscular inflammation & hence needs a specialist solution that can help reduce inflammation & relieve pain.

Iodex - For  every pain in the body.

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Iodex Balm is a power packed formula of 5 natural ingredients – Gandhapuro Tel, Pudina ka Phool, Nilgiri Tel, Turpine ka Tel, & Lavanga ka Tel. Iodex with its power packed formula provides a warming action upon massage that helps in reducing muscular inflammation & provides effective relief from every type of body pain.

Iodex Ultragel

Iodex UltraGel is a clear, transparent and easy to apply pain relief gel. It contains Diclofenac, the world’s no.1 topical pain relief ingredient. The Diclofenac of Iodex Ultragel with its penetration enhancers penetrates 90% faster than the leading prescribed pain gel*.

Iodex UltraGel, with its unique hydro alcoholic formula, has 3 step action process:

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*Laboratory study on human skin suggests that Iodex Ultragel has a 90% higher speed of diclofenac delivery across the skin than the leading non-prescription pain gel in the market. Data comparison between 2 & 8 hours.
#Comparison with leading diclofenac-based topical pain gel prescribed in India. Source: C MARC data July-Oct 2013.

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