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Ostocalcium, a 68 year old heritage brand, was switched to GSK Cx as a part of the Rx-Cx collaboration project in 2013. The switch task was to build Calcium Supplementcategory (sold through Expert only)through differentiated proposition developed through consumer validated insight to step-change growth. This was a massive paradigm shift in the calcium supplement category.

Through detailed consumer researches and immersions we understood the usage and attitude of our consumers towards the calcium supplement category. The product went through a restage to build a consumer relevant “Brand” for Ostocalcium whilst continuing to strengthen expert credentials

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Ostocalcium B12 Suspension for kids

Your growing child requires calcium to help build strong bones.

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Ostocalcium Plus Chewable tablets for 30+ women

Ostocalcium Plus helps replenish calcium daily. It contains Calcium and Vitamin D which helps maintain bone strength

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