Horlicks For Kids

Horlicks came to India over 100 years ago with the British Army and soon became part of the nutrition culture of the country as the wholesome cup of nourishment for the Indian family. Known as the ‘Great Family Nourisher’ for decades, Horlicks underwent a revamp in 2003, which led to the introduction of a new variety of flavours such as CHOCOLATE, ELAICHI and KESAR BADAM which offer ‘pleasurable nourishment’ to the young consumers. Since their inception the flavours portfolio has been loved by kids across the country.

‘Chocolate Delight’ launched in 2003 is a rich chocolate drink with aroma and a crunchy consistency which when mixed with milk instantly becomes smooth and creamy, delivering a delightful taste experience.

Launched in 2003 the Elaichi flavour is packed with all the richness of cardamom.

Adding kesar (saffron) and badam (almonds) to milk has been an age-old recipe of royal palaces down the ages. Horlicks recognized this and launched the Kesar Badam flavour at the end of 2013. It contains real pieces of Kesar and Badam which when mixed with milk gives a different taste and experience.

But the true distinguisher for Horlicks has been its process of creation. Horlicks made with Food Science is formulated with a nutrition packed combination of natural ingredients and 23 vital nutrients. In a clinical trial conducted by NIN, Hyderabad among school going children, Horlicks proved to improve five signs of growth in children which are More Bone Area, More Muscles, Better Concentration, Healthier Blood and Healthy Weight Gain; thus, living up to its promise of making kids taller, stronger and sharper.

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