Junior Horlicks

Junior Horlicks launched in India in 1995 is scientifically designed to meet the specialized nutrition needs of toddlers of 2 to 6 years of age. It has been scientifically proven that nutrition needs are different across age groups and toddlers being fussy eaters; tend to have gaps in their nutrition which makes them more vulnerable to hidden deficiencies that may affect their growth potential. To help bridge gaps in nutrition and aid the child’s overall development, it may be important to include a nutritional supplement such as Junior Hlx in the child’s daily diet. Junior Hlx offers tailor made nutrition in two stages - Stage 1 for fussy toddlers and Stage 2 for active nursery going children, in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. It helps provides key growth nutrients like DHA, choline and others that are vital for the child’s overall physical and mental development. Stage 1 Junior Hlx has nutrients known for brain development and weight gain and Stage 2 has key nutrients for height gain and immunity. It is a nourishing malt based food that combines the nutritional qualities of milk, malted barley and wheat in an easy to digest form. The brand is available across India and well entrenched especially in South and East India. The brand connects with children through growth assessment activations in schools and with mothers through its Mom’s know best social forum- a community that is of the moms, by the moms and for the moms.

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