Mother's Horlicks

Mother’s Horlicks, launched in 1997, is a nutritional beverage that is scientifically designed especially for the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women. Comprehensive nourishment during pregnancy is critical to support the mother’s health and baby’s growth and the mother’s daily diet alone may sometimes not be sufficient. Studies show that 1 in 3 pregnant women do not meet daily requirement of key nutrients#. Therefore, regular multiple micronutrient supplementation may often be required from early pregnancy onwards for the mother’s health and baby’s growth.

Mother’s Horlicks contains DHA and Choline which are known to be important for brain development of the baby. In addition, Mother’s Horlicks, with micronutrients such as Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin A, B6, B12 and D, is known to improve birth weight of the baby. It helps expecting mothers by providing 27 vital nutrients & high Protein1 with 100% amino acid score during Pregnancy. During Lactation, Mother’s Horlicks can be beneficial as it contains Micronutrients2 known to improve the quality of breast milk.

Mother’s Horlicks is available across India and has a legacy built up by strong Gynecologist recommendation. It is available in a tasty Vanilla flavor which expectant Mothers find pleasing.

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Mother Horlicks is a nourishing beverage to be consumed as part of regular diet. This product is not a meal supplement. Please consult your physician if needed. Contains Sugar (sucrose).

# *Archana Patnaik, Screening of pregnant women for micronutrient deficiency during early pregnancy in urban population, Int J Biol Med Res, 2013.  Prachi Katre et. al, Vitamin B12 and folic acid supplementation and plasma total homocysteine concentrations in pregnant Indian women with low B12 and high folate status, Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2010;19 (3):335-343

1 As per CODEX guidelines. 2 Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B 12, A, Iodine, Selenium

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