Women's Horlicks

Launched in 2008, Women’s Horlicks was the first and only specialized health drink for women* in India containing the complete list of micronutrients recommended  by the World Health Organization (WHO)^ and specially formulated with low fat1 and no added sugar2. Women’s Horlicks has been specially designed with HEMOCALTM and other nutrients keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of women in the age group of 19-50 years that are known to help maintain their bone health. It has:

  1. Calcium important for Strong Bones:  Provides 100%^ quota of the daily requirement of calcium
  2. Vitamin D important for Calcium Absorption: Contains Vitamin D, an essential micronutrient recognized as an important nutrient for bone health and it is known to enhance absorption of calcium
  3. Nutrients important for Bone Maintenance: Has a unique combination of HEMOCALTM   including ideal quality milk protein known to support healthy bone maintenance.

It is available in two delectable flavors  - Chocolate and Caramel.

*19-50 years NPNL women
^In 2 serves (60g) as per WHO/FAO, 2004 Guidelines on Women (19-50 yr old).
1. As per Codex guidelines

2. No added Sucrose

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