Otrinoz Saline

Otrinoz Saline gives soothing relief from dry nose.
Otrinoz Saline is an isotonic saline solution. Otrinoz Saline should be used to keep your nose moist and wet when your nose feels dry or crusty and breathing becomes difficult. It can also be used for general nasal hygiene to keep the nose free of dust, pollutants etc. during or after a long day of work.

A dry or crusty nose results from exposure to pollutants such as dust and fine particles. Dry or crusty nose is also caused due to excess mucus produced during cold and allergic conditions. Dry or crusty nose can also be due to low humidity resulting from heated/ air-conditioned rooms, high altitude, air travel etc.

Otrinoz Saline cleans nasal cavities to help eliminate pollutants such as dust or air pollutants and fine particles. Otrinoz Saline washes away the excess mucus produced during excess cold and allergic conditions. Otrinoz Saline moistens the nasal cavities when dry or irritated due to low humidity or in case of other minor nasal irritations. The extract of aloe vera is known to have soothing and moisturizing properties.

Use as directed on the pack;
If condition persist for more than 10 days please consult registered medical practitioner

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