Otrivin Adult

Otrivin Adult  should be used when you have a blocked nose due to cold and breathing becomes difficult. Otrivin Adult can also be used to relieve sinusitis.

A blocked nose results from cold cue to excessive nasal secretions and swelling of many tiny blood vessels in the inner lining of nose. The air passages become narrower & nasal secretions may give rise to a feeling of complete nasal blockage.

Otrivin Adult helps in opening up the nasal passages by reducing the excessive nasal secretions and returns the swollen blood vessels to their normal size. Otrivin Adult works faster (acts in 2 minutes) and provides long lasting relief (up to 12 hours). This is because Otrivin Adult nasal solution is applied directly inside the nose. Otrivin Adult relieves the toughest nasal congestion so that one can breathe freely. Otrivin Adult is now available as a nasal spray so that the solution can spread evenly inside the nose. The product is recommended for Adults and Children over 12 years.

Use as directed on the pack;
If condition persist for more than 10 days please consult registered medical practitioner

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